Return to Your Center.


Listen within.

I first began to experience big shifts when I chose to commit to myself and step into my body. Honing my awareness and learning to listen to my body, opened up my channels of connection and pure joy, which lead me to more than I ever imagined. Our body knows exactly how to thrive and live in our fullest expression. We will always be guided towards what we need when we begin to truly listen to the body and trust.


In all my offerings I encourage deep connection of the Self with Spirit, and offer support through energy work, mentorship, and channeled guidance. All sessions are unique to you based on where you are right now, and what feels most important to you. We may work on embodying balance, healing past trauma, learning the language of your body, understanding your unique gifts, stepping into your Truth, and so much more. All sessions assist in raising your vibration, and opening to greater peace and love.


We move into our purpose when we commit to ourselves first.


There is never any need to rush your process.

You receive when you're ready, in your own perfect timing.

Book a session below!

  • Intuitive/Channeled healing in alignment with your Divine Purpose.

    2 hr

    177 US dollars
  • Developing techniques in support of your awakening/healing path.

    1 hr

    144 US dollars
  • Energy clearing combo for balancing the Chakra system.

    1 hr

    133 US dollars
  • For embodying balance, centered being, presence, + Earth connection.

    1 hr

    111 US dollars
  • Messages from Spirit + Higher Self in support of your divine path.

    1 hr

    122 US dollars
  • Messages from Spirit + Higher Self in support of your soul path.

    30 min

    88 US dollars

Interested in an in-person session? I offer Spiritual Healings and Chakra Balance Healings at Prana Salt Cave located in Wilmington, NC. To schedule at Prana Salt Cave please call 910-679-8066. Please give 24 hours notice. For more info. visit