Discover Your True Nature. 

Hi, my name is Heather, creator of earthdrawn! It's so great to meet you!


I'm an intuitive healer, psychic channel, and certified yoga instructor. I work with my energetic and intuitive gifts to offer healings centered in Love Consciousness for awakening to your True Nature.

I offer guidance during periods of transformation, and hold space to allow more ease/understanding through this process. I work with individuals who are ready to let go of limiting beliefs, clear past energies, and discover their innate gifts in who they naturally are.

My offerings are designed to activate and align you with your unique Earth purpose and Highest Self by releasing energies of trauma, fear, self-doubt, co-dependency, and self-sacrifice.

In working with Nature, the elements, and pure love energies, I deliver higher vibrational energies to support your unique process of returning home to the Self and True Presence. Wherever one may be on their path, I offer guidance and encouragement through your own process of healing towards self-discovery and transformation. Together we ground new energy in the body to open to greater peace, harmony, and love.


If you are searching for healing, guidance, or deeper spiritual/inner connection, lets talk!

Trust in your individual process and follow your heart in this calling to your truth and

highest purpose.


What is earthdrawn?

earthdrawn is an expression of my deepest passions, Truth, and Self, centered in my purpose to hold sacred space for self-exploration, connection, embodiment, and spiritual awakening.

I created earthdrawn to share the many creative facets of my being. My intention is to allow this space to be free flowing, and easily shape and shift as I grow on my spiritual path. Within this container, I offer spiritual healings, channeled readings, yoga classes, workshops, and metaphysical products. Through my offerings, my intention is to provide tools, techniques, and guidance that may inspire your own healing, self-discovery, and transformation. 

earthdrawn is centered in Love Consciousness and Pure Light. Everything I create and offer is to help us see and know our own Divine Essence and Oneness. My products are tools that have assisted me through my journey, that may offer you support in your own way. My workshops dive into inner-work topics that encourage a deeper connection to the Self and Spirit through healing. It's important to me to always emphasize the power of our own knowing, and inspire others to experience the depth of compassion, courage, peace, and wisdom within us all.

 earthdrawn is a reflection of the mysteries and magick of our universe, and will forever evolve as I continue on my soul path. Part of my purpose at this time is to deliver healing energy to the Earth and all beings, and assist in opening communication between worlds, so that we can continue to awaken to our Divine Truth and remember ourselves fully. I am grateful to be here, and thankful for your presence here with me.

Image by Tim Mossholder


"Heather is a LIGHT! My sessions with her are always incredible and have been downright transformative.... I always feel grounded and at peace after her sessions and I love how she always holds sacred space after the session for her clients to reflect, sharing any experiences/insights, aiding in overall integration. I'm so incredibly grateful for sessions with this talented woman and highly, HIGHLY recommend!" 

- Kimberly D. 

"If you haven't booked a session with Heather yet, I highly recommend it. I am grateful to have a very strong third eye because I was able to see a lot of her energy work in progress.... It's only been a week and a half since I visited Heather and there have already been some wonderful shifts, physically and energetically." 

- Colleen F.

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