Awaken Your Truth.

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We are miraculous beings!

Our experience reaches into the depths of the earth, and extends beyond the galaxies.

We have each chosen to be here, and live our purpose in who we naturally are.

We can return to the roots of our soul.

We can receive the gifts of our own creation.

We can live in the fullness of our being.

We can experience peace and harmony.

Are you ready to commit to yourself?

Are you ready to step into Higher Truth?

Are you seeking to connect deeper with who you are?

Are you in need of support on your Ascension path?

There is a reason you've arrived here!

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Wellness From Within!

Wellness From Within is a new subscription platform lead and established by Jackie Waple, business owner and sole-proprietor of Hemp Force. Through Wellness From Within, I offer monthly live Guided Meditations and Intuitive Teachings promoting harmony of the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies, and integrating deeper spiritual awareness.

As a whole, Wellness From Within is a supportive collective for those interested in healing spiritually, emotionally, and physically with a focus on nature. You can expect to hear from doctors, nutritionists, mental health experts, therapeutic masseuses, energy workers, herbalists, and beyond. It’s truly an open, welcoming place to explore wellness from all angles. In Wellness From Within, you can expose yourself to new healing modalities and practices, find what’s aligned, leave what isn’t, and learn from it all. ⁣⁣⁣


In this container you have the opportunity to move at your own pace, while gaining a supportive virtual community. Wellness From Within is perfect for curious, open-minded women who have been searching for a place to connect, learn, and expand their knowledge of what it means to be well.


Thank you for being here!

I look forward to connecting with you!

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